LIBRA BANGLADESH CORPORATION is a one of the international Business Company in Bangladesh operates in both for domestic and export markets worldwide business associates throughout the global business communication network. Libra Bangladesh Corporation is having a strong footing in international business of different dimensions specializing in different products and services.The only objective of the Libra Bangladesh Corporation is to create more & more business in new dimensions & develop the scope of employments through a wider participation in different business transaction in industrial and commercial sector.

We want to ensure our company to provide world class supply & technology, strength lies in devotion to meet our promises of delivery. Our focuses on meeting and responding to the ever-changing needs of the consumers both home and abroad.Our Company Satisfaction is satisfied to our local and overseas clients with their highest satisfaction .

Libra Bangladesh Corporation having unit with Knitting, printing and Embroidery in houseA large number of sourcing contribute close-in manufacturing assistance and help to serve the growing demand while guaranteeing superior quality of our products.

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